Mini Personal Dog Cat Collar Pet ID Locator GPS Tracker GSM Tracking Waterproof


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Location:GPS+LBS Location
Call Function:One way to call the device and Voice Monitor
Historical route:90 days route checking
APP support: Above Android 2.3, IOS 5.0
Firmware Language: Polish, Vietnamese, Turkish,Arabic,Norwegian,German,
French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese and English
Firmware Map :Google,Baidu,Amap,Tencent,OpenStreetMap

Features :

1. Waterproof IP66 protection.
2. GSM quad band network, all global GPS location, track your pet all around the world.
3. WIFI anti-lose: You can set two wifi address as the safe area. If your pet go out of the wifi safe range of your home,
V30 will send alarm massage to let you
know. WiFi safety zone make tracking more accuracy indoor!
4. Geo-fence: You can set a safe area in APP. When you pet out of the area, the device will alarm you.
5. Long standby, low battery alarm function.
6. Real time tracking: humanized tracking methods will provide more protections for your pet.
7. Smart rolling LED light: The flash light will turn on automatically when it gets dark.
8. Historical route: With video play mode, you can see where your pet has been in the video
and you can adjust the track progress and playing speed.
9. Tracking via Website / APP/ Wechat / SMS
10. Voice monitor.
11. Low battery alarm.
12. Individual tracker, the tracker can easily snap on fit your pet’s collar.

Package Includes :

1x Pet GPS Tracker
1x Product Manual
1x Charging Clip
1x Data Cable
1x Collar
1x Screwdriver
1x Box


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