Height-adjustable Durable Telescopic Hiking Walking Stick 4 Color


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Height-adjustable Durable Telescopic Hiking Walking Stick 4 Color

Handle Material: Rubber
Shaft Material: aluminum alloy
Height-adjustable: 5.41″(135CM) walking stick telescopes down to 2.16″(66CM)
Color: Blue, Silver, Black, Red
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spring shock absorber, spiral triple lock. The light weight, easy to carry.
the middle of the rod rod with scale, can be measured.
non-slip handle, comfortable feel, with mud care. Small diameter of the rod tip can be easily inserted in the soil of sand and adapt to any terrain.
Easy to use, comfortable, suitable for mountaineering, hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities
spring suspension system, can reduce the impact of the wrist, arm and shoulder.
The adjustable nylon wrist strap, can be relaxed or tightened, you can simply adjusted to the needs of the firm. Is the essential tool for mountain climbing, hiking, travel and other outdoor activities.

How to use:
1.Take the circle of the sling down,Pull out the bottom of the rod black mat,put a circle and tightened,and then plug in the black mat.
2.Hold the stick,contrarotate the second of the rod by three times,pull out the stick rod, and transferred to the appropriate length,clockwise rotation it.The Third and fourth rod are the same.

Package Included:
1 x Telescopic Hiking Walking Stick