Fish Bite Alarm Electronic Fishing LED Rod Tip Night Fishing Light


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Material: Plastic
Length: 23mm/0.91inch
Diameter: 18mm/0.7inch
Power: CR1225

Ultra-high brightness, the visual distance of 100 meters.
Long about 1000 hours of standby time, use about 300 hours.
High-tech precision detection, when the fish bites the hook red light hint, don’t pass any fish in the opportunity.
White LED flashing 3 seconds interval at a low speed when normal state, while LED flashing alarm at a high speed when a fish bites the hook into a green LED.
Using CR1225 lithium-ion batteries, ultra-low power consumption, white light, long standby time bring waterproof lock switch don’t have to remove the battery.

Use Method:
1. Remove the flash.
2. Unscrew nuts.
3. Put the rubber column inside.
4. The two foot stuck in rod end down 5 cm

Package Included:
1 x strike alert
2 x rod adapters 3mm & 5mm
1 x CR1225 battery